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In-Plant Modular Offices

In-Plant Modular Offices provide additional office space for any application.  Pre-fabricated at the factory, modular buildings are more cost effective than conventional construction & can be fully assembled & functional within days of delivery resulting in minimal impact to production areas.

Pallet Rack Systems

Indoff specializes in custom pallet rack solutions.  We will carefully analyze your specific pallet storage needs & will design the perfect system to maximize your storage capability in your existing floor space.  We can take full advantage of valuable vertical warehouse space to create a seamless system that will handle any products needs.

Steel Mezzanines

Steel mezzanine systems create additional production, storage or office space within your existing floor plan.  These steel structures are customized to your specific needs.  From a simple single-story mezzanine to a complex multi-level system, Indoff can design the perfect application for your business to grow.  

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Cantilever Rack Systems

Cantilever rack is the perfect solution for storing long, unwieldy products such as steel tubes, lumber, pipes & bars.  Product weight can be distributed between multiple horizontal arms eliminating bowing.  Forklifts can easily maneuver long items into the racks without the obstruction of vertical uprights  We offer both structural & cold-rolled steel options.

High Density Parts Storage

High density cabinets allow easy organization of parts large & small.  Drawers are available with infinite divider possibilities keeping small parts easy to find. Adjustable shelving units can be configured for storage of larger items. Perfect for automotive & aerospace industries, we have designed & implemented many complex systems here in our local area.

Wire Partition Cages

Wire partition cages are the best means for keeping unauthorized people out of vital work areas. Secure tool cribs & storage areas under keyed locked doors that prevent theft & tampering.  Panels are made from tough welded mesh steel with reinforced steel tube posts creating a solid barrier.  The all mesh design allows plain view of the cage interior further discouraging theft.

Indoff Material Handling offers modern solutions to your warehousing & material handling needs.  We specialize in In-Plant Modular Offices, Steel Mezzanines, Pallet Rack Systems, High Density Parts Storage & more.  We can maximize the use of your existing floor plan to provide needed office, production or storage space.  Let Indoff design the perfect solution for all of your material handling & storage needs.

Warehouse Material Handling & Storage Solutions


Based out of St. Louis, MO, Indoff Inc is a national distributor of material handling systems offered by the best known manufacturers in the industry.  Established in 1971, Indoff has almost 50 years of experience to offer.  We provide endless solutions for warehousing including turn-key design & installation.  With local offices located in Pensacola & Destin, FL, we can easily handle all of your needs within the Florida Panhandle & Lower Alabama.  With over $150,000,000 in annual sales, Indoff takes advantage of national buying power to provide the very best pricing available on everything we sell.  Let us design & implement the perfect solution for your warehouse material handling needs.

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