High Density Parts Storage

When it comes to storing & organizing a large amount of miscellaneous shaped parts, we have you covered with our high-density storage solutions.  For automotive parts departments, its essential to have a systematic solution to quickly find specific parts in a minimal time frame.  We offer solutions that combine a wide variety of modular drawer solutions to create a customized system that will keep expansive inventories of parts neatly organized & easy to retrieve.  Drawers & cabinets can be arranged in an infinite number of configurations & are modular so they can be adapted to your ever changing parts storage needs.

Modular Drawer Systems

Modular drawers are available in 10 different heights with a 400 lb. capacity per drawer and 100% access to drawer contents.  Drawers can be outfitted with numerous accessories to keep parts of all sizes neatly organized.

modular drawer accessories.jpg

Multi-Drawer Cabinets

Modular cabinets are available in 14 dimensional sizes with 6 cabinet heights and 10 drawer heights allowing endless configurations.  Whether you are looking for one unit or hundreds, we can assist in designing the perfect solution for your parts storage needs.


Shelf-Supported Mezzanines

In tight parts storage areas where space is at a premium, a shelf-support mezzanine system can be implemented to provide additional storage above shelving units.  Our multi-level shelving solutions can take advantage of the unused vertical space to double the storage capacity within your small space.  We can design & implement a system that will accommodate your ever growing need for additional storage space without expanding your building.


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